At Simonetta, we have been designing the childrenswear collections of the world's most prestigious fashion brands for more than 50 years.

We shape them carefully with creative flair, know-how and attention to detail, as well as an increasing focus on sustainability. We turn each garment into a little dream to touch and wear, always encouraging children to be natural and spontaneous.

Our philosophy

We believe in the future, and our future is our children.


Simonetta has always anticipated the trends in children's fashion by focusing on unique design, research into the best materials and a focus on wearability.

Research, creativity and innovation

Today, the company develops its business in three different areas, enabling it to respond to the needs of the market and making Simonetta Group the ideal partner for developing children's collections: exclusive production, classic licensing and proprietary branding.


Simonetta has always anticipated the trends in children’s fashion by concentrating on unique design, research into the best materials and a focus on wearability. Innovation and a constant eye to the future are based on the solid foundations of our know-how and our heritage of style and elegance. Benefiting from the excellence of Italian design, all stages of the collection’s creative process are managed in-house, from the design and prototype stage to the industrial production control phase.


In the 1990s, Simonetta structured the licensing area, thus becoming the first company to develop a children’s collection for a major adult fashion brand.

In June 2017, ISA Seta acquired Simonetta, which thus became part of the Carisma Group, an industrial holding company dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized Italian companies. Hence it made the transition from a family-run business to a managerial enterprise belonging to a group with a global vocation. In 2019, thanks to new financial and managerial resources, the Simonetta Group was created.

Annually, it produces over one million garments, distributed in the top mono-brand, multi-brand and department stores in Italy and abroad.

The main factory is located in Jesi (Ancona) where Simonetta was created and has over 159 employees, mostly female.
They are all highly professional employees who have understood and embraced the company’s philosophy and mission:

  • To continue the process of growth and consolidation by creating contemporary collections, respecting the iconic codes of the high-end luxury brands in the portfolio, with a unique and recognisable design and with an increasing focus on quality, sustainability, circular economy and territorial development.
  • Innovating while maintaining and enhancing the competitive advantage of the heritage of the luxury brands within our portfolio.