Inspired by nature, by children’s world and from the little things that make a day the special day. Caffè d’Orzo born for girls, always keeping in mind the space that surrounds them and their use of time, enhancing the spirit and sophistication of childhood. 

Caffè d’Orzo offers a romantic total look, for girls aged 2 to 18 years, to be worn daily but also on special occasions. Soft fabrics, comfortable and innovative shapes, transform the uniqueness of the clothes in a sweet embrace.

Baby Girl 3-18 months
Girl 2-18 years

Daily total look but also on special occasions..

Research, design and quality


Brand Values

The fabrics, all natural and organic, made of silk, cotton, wool and soya jersey, are processed according to the best Italian craftsmanship. The colours are all delicate and dusty, with original graphics and prints. The collections are always accompanied by a selection of accessories such as necklaces, small bags and scarves, to implement the style and always communicate a new image.

Details of the line

 The high quality production is the result of an authentic search for materials with a simple and linear style.



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Caffè D'Orzo SS24 Collection
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