Simonetta Group offers the vision, creativity and flair needed to interpret, design and enhance the essence and uniqueness of each children’s collection. Promotion and protection of the territory, environmental sustainability, corporate welfare. We live at the heart of nature, among the olive trees, where our roots are. Ours is a story of creativity and passion based on respect and a focus on the individual.

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    a product of research, curiosity, the ability to continuously find new stimuli and customised solutions.

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    the result of the spirit of adaptation and flexibility of a proven working method, capable of changing criteria and objectives promptly when necessary.

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    in being always one step ahead, being able to see ‘beyond’. Never stopping at the present but planning for the future.

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    for children, the ones we cater for in our work. Understanding their wishes, thoughts and needs is our priority.



History and values

Simonetta Group has been designing the childrenswear collections of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands for more than 65 years.

We shape them carefully with creative flair, know-how and attention to detail, as well as an increasing focus on sustainability.  We turn each garment into a little dream to touch and wear, always encouraging children to be natural and spontaneous.


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