A Company that Respects Rules and Sustainability

Simonetta Group takes the impact of its activities on the community and on the area in which it operates extremely seriously.
We are firm believers in the possibility to create sustainable luxury, which is why responsibility and integrity are our guiding aims.
From small everyday actions, through to more structured processes, we work hard to provide children not only with quality clothing, but also with a better planet, society and future.

The nature that surrounds us is not just a lush green setting for our company, it is also the source of inspiration for everything we do. And it is by following this inspiration that…
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Simonetta Group is a socially aware group that has always focused on supporting activities for more vulnerable groups and opportunities to protect and make the most of the area…
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We are a company made of people who, through their extraordinary work, make every one of our projects a success. This is why Simonetta Group’s most important investment is and always….
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Simonetta Group has a compliance programme that oversees and acts on conformity and quality, so that the process of marketing products and the management of all the aspects…
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    che nasce dalla ricerca, dalla curiosità, dalla capacità di trovare stimoli sempre nuovi e soluzioni personalizzate.


    frutto dello spirito di adattamento e della flessibilità di un metodo di lavoro collaudato, capace di modificare in corsa criteri e obiettivi.


    dell’essere sempre un passo avanti, del vedere “oltre”. Mai fermarsi al presente ma progettare per il futuro.


    verso i bambini a cui è rivolto il nostro lavoro. Comprendere i loro desideri, pensieri e bisogni è la nostra priorità.


The nature that surrounds us is not just a lush green setting for our company, it is also the source of inspiration for everything we do. And it is by following this inspiration that, day after day, we strive to renew our values, and work hard to identify solutions that respect the environment and create a virtuous circle of responsible production and consumption.

We believe in renewable energy, in combating waste and in saving energy.
And it all starts in our Jesi headquarters, where we have implemented a brand new photovoltaic plant and where we work to limit consumption in our offices, using specific LEDs. We use water purifiers in our relaxation areas, promote a plastic-free lifestyle, and the very few disposable items still available in the company are made with recycled, eco-friendly material. We also encourage the use of electric vehicles, with charging points available to all guests and employees.

We believe in providing accurate information on environmental topics.
Awareness can only come through actual knowledge, which is why we created the Simonetta Academy. It offers specific training to raise our employees’ awareness and inform them about the difference that every daily action, no matter how simple, can make to nature.

We believe in a circular economy.
A transformative economy that is still competitive, but without wasting precious resources.
As a company we can proudly say that we have had GOTS certification since 2021, one of the most important, most demanding global traceability and sustainability standards. We can therefore boast that we satisfy all international requirements for a textile production that respects the environment and fundamental workers’ rights.

We can guarantee the traceability of every one of our fabrics, and we also constantly increase our sourcing and use of sustainable materials, including organic cotton and recycled and certified polyester and nylon.
Our product packaging is the subject of continued research in order to eliminate superfluous wrappers and identify increasingly innovative, sustainable solutions. Currently, the majority of the packaging used by the group consists of organic or recycled material, but we are constantly studying and moving towards packaging that respects the planet.
We work with companies that collect and recycle fabrics so that our unused textile material can be correctly integrated into a recycling programme, improved and given a second chance.
And we put our creativity at the service of responsible reuse: the leftover stocks in our warehouses become handy multi-logo shoppers and symbols of rebirth and new life for what, on the surface, is usually seen as waste.

We believe in pursuing challenging goals, even and above all if these means responsibility and the environment.
We work ceaselessly to obtain new, important certifications that prove our constant commitment to the environment. We have set decidedly stringent minimum sustainability targets for each of our upcoming collections. And we have also set an environment impact plan to map out not only a precise, measurable picture of the impact of every one of our activities, but also the trend of our progress which, action after action, is taking us in the direction of a completely sustainable future.

Human Resources

We are a company made of people who, through their extraordinary work, make every one of our projects a success. This is why Simonetta Group’s most important investment is and always will be in human resources.

We believe in a stimulating environment, in teamwork, in the potential of young people and in female empowerment.
Our ethical, transparent recruitment and hiring processes give us collaborators who share our values and our passion, and we support them on their path of learning and professional growth from their very first day in the company.

Our reference is the company model by Adriano Olivetti, the revolutionary precursor of the idea of fair and responsible business, which continues to inspire us to make human resources the centre of the company.
From the moment when a candidate becomes an employee at Simonetta, we commit to guarantee that we will pay attention to and nurture their talents and their individual qualities, seeking constantly to offer a working environment that is open, motivating and which provides opportunities for professional and personal enrichment.

Professional enrichment passes through a training process tailored to the needs of each individual employee. We want to be able to capture the needs of each individual, making the most of the different professional profiles.
With this in mind, we continuously invest in training that aims to build professional skills, expertise and leadership, and is able to adapt to the competitive scenario as well as to the career path of each one of us, with a multidisciplinary and customised approach.

A path of personal enrichment with curiosity and culture as its allies, together with every opportunity to nourish them. For example, free tickets to the theatre season in Jesi and with an in-house library of over 1500 volumes that offer access to different types of books from a range of literary genres and different subjects.

An open, motivating environment that is replenished by every stimulus and each individual contribution. An environment that is always accompanied by effective internal communication, which we want to be as fluid as possible between departments and management. The result of this is a programme of meetings between the CEO and the different departments, to encourage the direct exchange of ideas and information, creative brainstorming sessions, at all levels, regarding activities in the field, critical areas, and opportunities for improvement.

We are proud to affirm that the well-being of each individual on our payroll is also linked to the workplace.

A place that we want to make comfortable, safe, but also relaxing and pleasant to be in. Thus our factory, as well as providing a green space and various relaxation areas, in the summer hosts the best possible after-work activities, with an outdoor pool overlooking the olive groves and regenerating yoga and pilates lessons that are also available during the lunch break.

Social Commitment

Simonetta Group is a socially aware group that has always focused on supporting activities for more vulnerable groups and opportunities to protect and make the most of the area and our public heritage. Year after year, we confirm our commitment through support for social and cultural goals, especially when these are aimed at younger people and families.

In puero spes. Cicero’s motto continues to crown the highest point of the ex Asilo Rossi, an historic Veneto building from the late 1800s, commissioned by industrialist Alessandro Rossi to house the kindergarten for the children of workers at his wool mill. The motto applies today, but it is also a stern reminder that children are our hope, our future and therefore, our motivation to do our best, always.

This is the spirit that drives us to select and offer enthusiastic support to initiatives that improve the life and health of younger children. We are therefore part of the Board of Fondazione Ospedale Salesi onlus, the synergistic operational tool of the Specialist “G. Salesi” Hospital of Ancona, the only regional hospital exclusively for mothers and children. Since 2004, the Foundation has offered constant, solid support to women and children, with a specific focus on their mental and physical well-being, from birth and throughout their stay in hospital. And Simonetta constantly supports the Fondazione Salesi, helping to bring to fruition its numerous projects and improve innovative equipment and treatment paths for paediatric patients. With the aim of making the Hospital not only a national excellence for its high-level specialities, but also a place where children and their families can experience the delicate period of hospital admission and treatment, serenely.

We are an Italian company. The historic and cultural roots of our country are in our DNA and it is our intention to protect its immense heritage. We have an ambitious but possible cultural challenge in mind: to make Italy a better place in which future generations can live and grow. This is why we have decided to support the FAI – Italian Fund for the Environment, by joining the corporate membership programme Corporate Golden Donor. A choice based on excellence and awareness, which translates into a solid commitment to the art, culture and landscapes of Italy that have always provided us with so much inspiration.
With the same aim of patronage, we work with the region we call home, the Marche, sponsoring events and activities that share our values and aims, and working to raise people’s awareness of and introduce them to the local culture.


Simonetta Group has a compliance programme that oversees and acts on conformity and quality, so that the process of marketing products and the management of all the aspects around this, comply with current laws but also with the highest applicable international standards. Not to mention our focus on ethics, the environment, health and safety.

Excellence is our mission. We are committed to creating best practices to provide and maintain quality levels that always comply with the requirements of the brands that choose, us as well as with global standards.

With this aim always in mind, we work to ensure that our supply chain follows precise rules, guaranteeing efficiency, support and control at every step:

  • When developing collections, our compliance team offers prompt and continued support for any structural doubts.
  • Before a sales campaign, we analyse all the collections, performing a careful assessment of the risks on each part of the garment and taking the needs of all the different markets into account. In cases of non conformity, we work with the product development team to identify the best solution for making the item in compliance with the standards in place. We also pay special attention to the labelling of goods, ensuring conformity with the destination country.
  • After the sales campaign, we carry out further tests and checks on the different collections, taking into account the destination and the structure of the items.
  • To guarantee a smooth marketing process, we provide all the necessary support so that our licensees can export to countries requiring different certification and import tests. We also have our own PSRL, calibrated to the most stringent REACH parameters, to satisfy the needs of all markets and promote exports at world level.

RFID technology, which we have recently implemented, allows us to guarantee full traceability from production of the item to its marketing and sale, creating an increasingly clear, transparent process and efficient, monitored logistics.

Simonetta Group is an ethical company that wants its network of partners to pursue its same values and respect its standards. For example, as a company with GOTS certification, we have at our disposal a portfolio of suppliers with our same requirement, who allow us to put products with 100% GOTS/OCS certification on the market.
But we are also personally committed to guaranteeing the conformity of all our suppliers. Selecting and carefully mapping each one of them, monitoring their activities and finally, implementing corrective measures where the result of a parameter does not meet our standards. All this with regard to collaboration and partnership, to promote a better environment, encouraging the protection of our workers and aiming to achieve shared targets: efficiency, sustainability, and excellence.
And the sustainable luxury that we continue to believe in.

Simonetta Group is committed to controlling the potential environmental impacts generated by its activities

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